Selling a Wirral Property?

Wirral Estate Agent Vs WRB Auctions

There are over 20 Estate Agents covering the Wirral Peninsula. 

From the independents to the corporate estate agents. When you are looking to sell your Wirral property you have a lot of choices.

The estate agent's method of selling has been around for years, it has changed from the local agent that everyone knew with their databases of local property buyers.

The weekly newspaper listings, showing that week's potential new properties. The Wirral Globe or the Birkenhead news was the newspaper of choice, the Birkenhead News is no longer available. With the Wirral Globe distribution only over 65,000, a massive difference from over 190,000 back in 2017. 


Rightmove changed the way people look for their next property.  Other property websites like Zoopla, Onthemarket, and the new kid on the block, Boomin, are all trying to match Rightmove, but the majority of people looking for their next property, use Rightmove.

Wirral Estate agents will still have a database of potential buyers who are looking in the area, but many are still using the old method of sending out an email to their database. The average email 'open' rate is just 15%.  That is why a lot of Wirral Estate agents now rely on Rightmove to bring in interest. 

When you first thought of selling your Wirral property. Did you think about Auctions?

Probably not, as selling your property by auction was always for Wirral property that had a problem, or that needed too much work for a local Estate agent to sell. 


Any Property is suitable for Auction.

 Auctions have changed so much over the years, even more so with the effects of covid.  WRB Auctions hold monthly live-streamed events with our partners SDL Auctions.  We have done throughout the whole of the Covid pandemic, helping Wirral people sell their Wirral properties fast when the market stood still.

What is the difference?

Sold - Sold Subject to Contract - Under Offer.

This is why selling with a Wirral Estate agent can be risky and also very stressful. There are four stages to an estate agent's property sale.


(Stage 1) Marketing (Timeframe 30 - 84 days)

(Stage 2) Sold (Timeframe 90 - 115 days)

(Stage 3) Exchange contracts (14 - 30 days)

(Stage 4) Completion day

A buyer can pull out at any time until, stage 4. 

Once you have passed stage 3, legally binding contracts have been exchanged and your buyer is financially committed.

So you have less chance of a sale falling through.

What is the difference?

Sold - Under Auction Conditions.

This is why selling with WRB Auctions is more secure, we exchange contracts at stage 2 with a completion date set.

(Stage 1) Marketing (Timeframe 28 days)

(Stage 2) Sold-Exchange contracts (Timeframe 28 days)

(Stage 3) Completion day

So under Auction sale conditions, we exchange contracts as soon as the property is sold. So your buyer is legally bound to purchase your property at stage 2.

With a completion deadline set for 28 days. Also saving you over 173 days in the property selling process. 


So is selling by Auction for you?

Any property can be sold at Auction, it is more about the seller.

Are you looking for a quick and hassle-free sale?  Do you want to know when the money will be in your bank account?

Are you looking to achieve the best price, in the fastest time? 

Do you want to pay No % fees to sell your property?

If the answer is Yes to any of the above. Then the answer is selling by Auction is for you.