Will I sell my Property for less Money at Auction?


We value your property based on sold prices, not property on the market. So what you will sell for is a true market value. We aim to get you the best price, in the fastest time.

How much does it cost to Sell a Property at Auction?


Nothing to pay upfront, we work different than most Auction houses. No % fees taking from the sale. Only fees you pay is for your Legal fees and Auction pack.

Legal fees vary from between £850 - £1500 .This will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale at the end.

How Fast to sell my Property at Auction?


Monthly Room Event.

Marketing time 30 days max, sale completes 28 days after the Auction ends.

Online Modern Auction

Marketing time 28 days max, sale completes 56 days after the Auction ends.

Can I set a Minimum Price at Auction?


We call this your reserve price, so we can not sell your property for less than your minimum price.

We recently sold a property that went £19,000 over the property owners minimum price.