WRB Auctions Probate Property


What is Probate? Probate is applying for the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money, possessions after they pass away. (their Estate).

If the person left a will. You will get a “Grant of probate”.  If the person did not leave a will. You will get “Letters of administration”.

When is probate needed?

You may not need probate if the person who died:

1. Had jointly owned land, property, shares, or money - these will automatically pass to the surviving owners.

2. Only had savings or premium bonds.


Contact everyone for each asset, mortgage, stocks, shares, to see if you need to apply for probate. Please remember every organisation has its own rules.

WRB Auctions understand that the loss of anyone can be a very distressing time. We have dealt with many Probate properties over the years and we understand each situation is different.

We can help with the clearance of probate properties, we can also help with probate property valuations.

If you have inherited a property, WRB Auctions specialize in selling probate properties. 

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