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WRB Auctions vs Wirral House-Buying Companies

Who is the Winner? Who will be Champion? Who can get you more money for your Wirral Property?

So, you want to sell your Wirral house fast? There are many reasons why you need to do this.

1. Debt

2. Divorce

3. Inherited a property

4. Facing repossession

5. Accidental landlord

6. Tired landlord

7. Property in bad condition

8. Struggling to sell with an Estate agent

If you googled ‘Sell house fast Wirral’, you will see at the top pf the page all of the related Google ads. They will say “Sell house in 7 days” “100% market value paid” “Sell your house for Cash” Sell house Today”

Which one do you choose? Who will pay you the most money?

The majority of those Fast house-buying companies may not have the funds to buy your Wirral house. This is the truth. There will be a few, who have Millions in the bank who can, but 95% of the are just middlemen.

How does it work?

The steps appear to be simple:-

1. You contact Sell House Fast Wirral.

2. They make you a cash offer.

3. 7 days later the money is in your account. Wirral house SOLD.

This is what everyone expects to happen, and there are some that will, but there are a lot of sharks in that industry. This is how it usually works: -

1. You contact the Sell house fast company.

2. They give you a cash offer over the phone. You may even be surprised on how much they offer you. (This is a subject to survey offer).

3. They will get you to sign a contract. Sometimes in the small print, they can choose to change the price offered. Also, they can choose to sell your property on to another buyer.

4. Survey has been done; two things happen. They renegotiate on the price, or they keep at the price offered.

5. They keep the price the same. Brilliant. But they release after doing some more research in the area. The house is not for them, but do not worry they have lots of cash buyers waiting to buy your property. They will market your property to those buyers for you, they will charge you for the service buy guarantee a sale in days.

You may be thinking. That is great, still getting to sell my Wirral property fast. But, did you know the majority of Fast house-buying companies offer 25% to 40% below their market value?



House Value £100,000

Sell house fast cash offer £75,000 (No legal fees, sold in 7 days).


House Value £100,000

Sell house fast cash offer £75,000 (No legal fees, sold in 7 days).

Survey done drop price £60,000


House Value £100,000

Sell house fast cash offer £75,000 (No legal fees, sold in 7 days).

Survey done drop the price £60,000

Get you to sign contract £60,000

List for sale at £70,000

They now have your property under control and can sell to anyone above £60,000. Is this how you want to sell your property?

If you are going to use a Sell Wirral House fast company, here are a few tips.

1. Get proof of funds. Ask them to show you a bank statement to prove they have enough money to buy your Wirral property.

2. Do not sign anything, until a survey has been done and the price they have offered is still the same price after survey.

3. Instruct your own solicitors.

4. See if they are on any review sites.

Why choose WRB Auctions to sell your Wirral property instead of a Buy house fast company?

What do you think happens with most of the property that the Sell house fast companies buy?

The answer is they sell them at auction. If they do buy your Wirral Property for £60,000. They then list in a Property auction at £70,000.

It’s a similar system to ‘We Buy Any Car’, they buy your car cheap and then sell at auction.

We recently Sold a Property in need of renovation in Pensby. The seller had been offered £130,000 from Sell house fast company on the Wirral. We started marketing the property and sold it within days. The happy owner received £147,000 in 56 days after we took on the property. £17,000 more than what was offered buy the Sell house fast company.

So why not cut out the middle-men, see how much your Wirral property will get with WRB Auctions?

Give us a call 0151 652 5289



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