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Wirral's 5000 Empty Properties

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Empty Properties on Wirral

Recent research shows that the Wirral has 4,955 empty properties. Some of which have been empty for more than five years.

Having an empty property in your area, can encourage antisocial behavior, unwanted squatters, create environmental issues and can negatively impact value of neighboring properties.

Wirral Borough Council have a dedicated department that locates owners, offering assistance to try and sell them via their developers database, using a sealed bid system.

It can be a difficult task tracing owners of those empty properties, but Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions have managed to locate and sell 5 of those properties over the last few months. Tracing people as far as Australia!

Our specialty is selling empty and run-down Wirral properties fast and for the best possible price.

A recent sale was for an elderly lady who had moved away following a bereavement, leaving her house empty for many years. It was in very poor condition and she was very stressed over the house. It had accumulated council tax debts and bills from the council for repairs they had carried out on the house, over the years. We helped provide her with official paperwork and arranged for her to get help to manage the debts.

The property had lots of interest and was sold in 3 days. 56 days later the lady was ecstatic to have the sale complete, be debt free stress free, and have money left over.

That property had a full refurbishment, and is now currently being rented to a local family, who are now making new and happy memories there.

Every Property has a past, sometimes empty properties have an unhappy one. But we are here to help bring those properties back in use, giving them a new lease of life and improving our neighbourhoods.

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