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Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions = People Business - Not a Property Business!

What are we? What do we do?

It does sound a little strange, but we are not property people! Yes, the property is the object we are selling. But, we are selling it on behalf of the owner. It is people who make the whole transaction come together.

So we think of Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions as a People Business.

We listen to what you want, we listen to what your goals are, what, in an ideal world would be you best outcome?

There are many different types of People who want to sell their Wirral Properties.

Example 1

A house had been on the market with a local Wirral Estate Agent for months. This customer had already moved into a bungalow, as their old house with stairs was too much to manage. This person wanted to sell quick and for a good price. They were retired and now paying for both his new property and his old property.

Example 2

This person had inherited the house from their dad, it needed full refurbishment and they couldn’t afford to develop the house. Plus, it is a very emotional time sometimes to change a house from what they remembered as a child.

These are just two examples, but everyone’s story is different. We helped the gentleman to happily sell his old house so he could retire happily. We helped the lady sell her dads old house and took the stress away from her seeing it change.

This is why we are a People Business, not a Property Business.

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