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Wirral Estate Agents Vs Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions

🏠 Average time to sell a Property in 🇬🇧 175 days.

🏠 Average time it takes with Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions 66 days.

🤔 What type of SOLD do you want?

There is many Wirral Estate agents that you can choose from, some are good and some are bad. But they all use the method of selling that is called Private treaty.

How it works, a buyer puts an offer forward and once the price is agreed. The sale is agreed in principle, but that can change for many different reasons.

  1. Bad survey

  2. Change in buyers circumstances.

  3. Buyers house sells for less.

  4. Takes to long to go through.

So as a Wirral Property seller you wait and hope everything goes through within the 175 days.

Auctions is different!

The price agreed, is the price paid. Also the buyer has a strict 56 day deadline to complete the sale.

Take a chance and sell with a Wirral Estate agent! Or sell with the security of Auction with Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions.


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