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Wallasey Property News

Wallasey is a great place, close to New brighton beach. That has been transformed over the years with lots of investment.

New brighton front has seen a hive of activity, with large businesses making it their home.

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What types of Property is in Wallasey?

The great thing about Wallasey property is you have a great range, from terraced houses to large detached properties. With everything in between, currently there is a beautiful development of apartments in the process of being built.

Andrew Gibson House


Wallasey Property News


Size of resident population

  • There are 39.2 residents per hectare which is a higher population density than across the region as a whole. In 2011 there were 60,769 people living within Wallasey CH44 - CH45. The overall population increased by 2.2% in the ten years between 2001 and 2011.

  • 18.7% of the population are aged between 30 and 44 which is below the regional average. 35.4% of households comprise just one person while 38% of households include families with children.

  • The most predominant industry of employment is Public admin, education & health which comprises 34.5% of the working age population. During the working day, the population decreases by 17.0%.

What is the average sale price of Wallasy Property compared to the North west?

Are you a Wallasey Landlord? What is the demand for Wallasey Property? Have rents increased?


Average monthly rent

Properties let in past 12 months

  • Over the last 12 months, the average rent achieved for properties let in Wallasey CH44 - CH45 was £517 per month. This is a +4% change on the previous 12 month period.

  • 35% of properties let in the past 12 months were flats, achieving an average rental value of £460 per month. Houses achieved an average rent of £541 per month.

  • 50% of tenants are aged between 18 and 29.

As you can see, Wallasey is a great place to live. But also a great place to invest in Property.

For my great statistics on how well the Wallasey property market is performing. Check out our website below.


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