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Is your Wirral Property ready for Online Dating?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

🏠 You might think we have lost the plot at Wirral Residential Buyers Auctions!

🏠 But with the majority of Property searches being started online. This is definitely the world of ‘Property tinder’ 😀

🏠 If you are currently looking for your next new home. You are also playing ‘Property tinder’😀

✅ So how to win at ‘Property tinder’ and get your Property a date/viewing.

🏠 First impressions count, so make sure your Property has kerb appeal. A good picture on the profile.

🌲 No overgrown lawns, unkept driveways. Just like no scruffy hair cuts, or clothes that look like they are scared of the iron.

📲 As you don’t want everyone swiping left and moving onto the next Property dating profile. 

🏠 You want your property’ date to want to see more. Want to get to know them, even want them to pop round for a better look 😀

🏡 So you have made the outside sparkle ⭐️ the fences have all been painted. The drive way has been jet-washed. Imagine the drive as teeth 😀. Are they nice and clean? Or do they have loads of weeds in them.

🏠 Now for what is on the inside. 

De-clutter as much as you can. Any DIY jobs that you have been putting off for the last 5 years, get them done.  You want your Property’s potential new partner to imagine living there, not falling over your old clothes that you have lying on the chair.

💐 Your Property's’ date wants to walk in and smell nice smells, not a mixture of dog and old spice.

🏠 Now it is time! Your Property is ready for its first date. 👍🏻

🏠 The first date/viewing has happened. 

🤔 The BIG question. 

Did they just not click? Or was it a total disaster? Did they seem interested? Or did they make an excuse that their cat just called and they have an emergency at home? 

🧍‍♀️🧍👫 Your Property might have lots of first dates/viewings. Some may even want a second date. Others just don’t think they are right for each other. Be patient and keep up the good work, do not let your standards slip. Do not let the weeds and clutter come back. 

🥳 You have cracked it, the right date/viewer has come along, they don’t even want a second date/second viewing. They just want to put in an offer/run off into the sunset 🌅.

🏡 Now is the time to get all your 🦆 in a line and get ready for the big day. 

📝 Get all the legal paperwork back to your solicitors as fast as you can. You want this to go fast, as your Property’s date is still out there. You don’t want them seeing another Property dating profiles that takes their eye off yours and gets them thinking 🤔 maybe this one is a better fit. 

🏡 Show off what your Property has to offer with the best Property dating profile. 

🏠 If your Property is just not getting any swipes at all. 

Give us 📞 0151 652 5289

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🏠 Free Instant Valuation 


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