Liverpool Property Auctions

Liverpool is a city stacked with heritage, with a bustling city centre and numerous parks. With two of the biggest football teams in the world in Liverpool Fc & Everton Fc. You can understand why Liverpool is a UK property hotspot. Liverpool has every type of property, from the rows of two-bed terraces in the likes of L4. From the large detached houses in L22, you can understand why many people choose to live in Liverpool. You can see why millions of pounds of properties are purchased by out the area investors each year and the reason Liverpool Property Auctions are becoming more and more popular.

Liverpool Auction Property Sold

We have sold lots of Liverpool properties by auction, here are a few stories.


1 - 3 Crosby Road South - Liverpool - L22 1RG

This property had been used as the seller's offices for over 20 years, having purchased one property and then next door as their business grew. Now the property was not being used, it was time to sell. After a few months of discussing the seller's best options. They chose to sell in our monthly auction, this was a very popular lot. With lots of interest from day one, even being noticed by the local Liverpool echo. This one didn't make it to the room and sold weeks before the auction date, the local developer beat off the competition from local, plus London buyers. This will now be converted to stunning apartments with still keeping the original features that this property had to offer. This lot was even featured in the Liverpool Echo

" Huge home drivers pass every day goes up for auction for the first time in over 30 years "



1 - 2 - 17 - Lillian Road - Liverpool - L4 0ST

This street is just a 2-minute walk from the Liverpool football club stadium. We sold three properties on this road in just three months, numbers 2, 1, and 17. One was currently tenanted with a long-term tenant, the other two properties were empty but would make excellent BTL properties.

Two were snapped up by London-based investors, the third buyer was a local investor who beat off the competition to secure the property to add to their growing portfolio. 


What is your Liverpool Property worth at Auction?

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