Wirral & Liverpool Empty Property problem.


The Wirral currently has over 4000 empty properties, these properties have been empty for longer than six months. Properties are left empty for many reasons. Sometimes it is due to the owners not living in the local area, ill health, the property has become run down.

Do you need to pay council tax if the property is empty? You will normally have to pay council tax on an empty property, you may also have to pay double. "An additional amount of Council Tax (a Premium) is charged when a property has been empty and unfurnished between 2 to 5 years and from 1 April 2020, the premium % increases for properties unoccupied and unfurnished for 5 years or more. regardless of a change in ownership".

Can I leave my property empty? Normally the time you are covered by your insurance company is a maximum of 30 days. If your property is left longer than this, most insurance companies will deny any insurance claims.

​Did you know that if Wirral Borough Council has to do work on your empty property, they can apply for a court order to force you to sell the property? 


​We have helped many Wirral property owners with their empty property problem, we can help with clearance, we can speak with the local council. We can even arrange clearance of the property if this is needed.

​WRB Auctions is a great solution to sell your Wirral empty property in its current condition, we understand that some empty properties need some TLC. It May even be uninhabitable, we can sell your property in any condition. 

​We helped a lady sell her Property in Birkenhead, it had been left for many years due to family problems. The property had been broken into and also started to be a dumping ground.

​We helped the lady speak to the Wirral Borough Council, as they had charges against the property. We also helped her with speaking to the local council tax department as they were also council tax arrears.

Once we had all the figures for the debt relating to the property, we then could take the property to auction. The property was sold in our live-streamed auction. 28 days after the auction, the lady received over £25,000 and all debts associated with the property had been cleared. 

You could see the sense of relief on her face, she was now debt-free. Had some money in the bank, not having to worry about the property any longer.

Wirral Borough council offer some great advice, you can also apply for an empty property grant of up to £7,000. See more info below.


​If you have an empty property on the Wirral, would like a chat to see if we can help.


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